How to Properly Store an Inflatable Playground in the Winter


There are several reasons why an inflatable playground is considered one of the best fun ideas for kids. For one, it provides countless hours of outdoor fun, is safer than a trampoline, and serves as a form of exercise for children. Overall, it’s an ideal way for kids to unwind.

As inflatables have become increasingly popular over the years, more parents are buying them and setting them up in the backyard for their kids. Although an inflatable playground can stay outdoors for most of the year without an issue, it’s a good idea to pack it up and store it when the weather gets cold and freezing.

Here are some safety guidelines for you to ensure that your inflatable playground is safely stored and ready to be used when the weather’s better. These steps aren’t difficult, so you don’t have anything to worry about.

Don’t Drag Your Inflatable Playground Around

To store your inflatable playground, you’d have to move it around a lot. Inflatables are heavy, and you might be tempted to drag them, which can cause damage. If you can’t carry the item, your best bet is to get a dolly or a hand truck.

Clean Your Inflatable Playground Before Storing It

Mildew, mold, debris, and grime can utterly ruin inflatables. This is why it’s important to thoroughly clean your inflatable playground before rolling it up for storage.

Ensure that It’s Dry

The best way to prevent mold and mildew buildup on your inflatable is to ensure it’s completely dry before keeping it for the winter. Wet inflatables will surely suffer from mold and mildew damage. Before storing the playhouse, place it in the sun, and rub it with a dry towel.

Repair Damages

After cleaning and drying your inflatable playground, now would be a good time to check out for any rips or tears and repair. This is why it’s necessary to have some repair kits in your basement or garage, just in case. Repairing these damages would prevent them from worsening while in storage and becoming a bother to you later.

Roll Up Your Inflatable Playground Correctly

To store an inflatable playground, you must deflate it properly and roll it up cleanly, tightly, and correctly. Ensure every last bit of air in the inflatable is out before rolling up the item.

Store in a High-Quality Storage Bag

Storing your inflatable in a high-quality storage bag is important if you want the playground to survive the winter. Some inflatables come with storage bags, while others don’t. For the latter, get a high-quality, heavy-duty storage bag to keep your inflatable playground in.

After placing your playground in the storage bag, you should also cover up the bag with tarps for an additional layer of protection from drops, spills, and even leaky roofs.

Choose the Best Place to Keep Your Inflatable Playground

Where you keep your inflatable playground is just as important as how you keep it. You must choose the perfect location to store away the playhouse for the winter. An ideal spot should be:

  • Clean: Ensure you keep the inflatable in a clean environment, free from dampness and debris. If you have to, you should give the area a good sweep.
  • Warm: The location should not be lower than 40°
  • Dry: Moisture and inflatable playgrounds don’t mix well. This is why you must ensure that the location is completely dry. Check the walls and the ground; confirm that there’s no leak in the area.


The main point of storing your inflatable playground in the winter is to prevent it from getting damaged. To guarantee that the playground remains fit for use when the weather is great again, ensure that you pay attention to how you store it.


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